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Friday, 13 September 2013

9/11 - 2 Millions Bikers to DC

On 11th September 2013, a group of Bikers from across the whole of America rode to Washington DC to show solidarity for those killed on 11th September 2001 (9/11/2001) as well as the four killed last year in Benghazi (9/11/2012).  

The rally was organised in less than a month and, according to DC police, there were in excess of 1.2 million Patriot bikers who rode through DC on Wednesday.  This rally was also in response to a 1 million muslim march which was organised on the same day.  Interestingly, the 1 million muslim affair received permission whilst the bikers did not.  Given that the muslim march was to occur on the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocity, the insensitivity (or by design) of the muslim march must be considered.  Americans will never forget what happened that day or last year and stirring up emotions of this kind are destructive, to say the least.

The media, known as the MSM, or as Sarah Palin calls them, the LSM (lamestream media) in America did not give one second's coverage to the story of more than a million riders converging on the capital at all.  Oh I'm not correct there.  Fox news had a 28 sec clip which stated that thousands of bikers were riding through DC.  I suppose, if one thought about it very hard, 1.2 million could be broken down into thousands.  
Here's another interesting fact.  The road cameras in and around DC were looped to show no traffic at all and some of the loops even had snow covering the ground. There was no snow in DC on Wednesday.  What those who have the power currently will do to shut down voices of dissent.  Sheesh!

I've been keeping a watch on America for quite a while because it is true that, 'as America goes, so goes the world'.  We see this in global economics all the time.  Politically, the past five years have definitely demonstrated a turn from strength to weakness for America, to the extent that Russia's Putin is now playing the American government for all its worth and, clearly, loving every moment of it.  It has even got to the stage that Americans (and a lot of them) are openly saying that they trust what Putin says and not their own government because their president and his administration do nothing but cover up and lie.  That's a serious indictment.  

In light of my concern, I wrote a poem which is particularly apt after Wednesday's show of strength by all the Patriots - all the Bikers and all those who supported them; and particularly in view of how those who are truly weak in their power have done everything they can to negate its impact. 

I share my poem now as my small tribute to the great stance everyone who participated in Wednesday's bike ride have all taken. May God Almighty lay His healing hands on America.


Civilisations gladly evolve
To embrace tolerance as a right
Yet tolerance is its own weakness
Unless protected by the strength to fight

This has always been true

Real tolerance can only truly exist
Where it is found manifest
Among equally-minded strengths
Bound in mind and spirit at least

This will always been true

Those weak-willed who envy the strong
Will always exploit where they can
To gain a power they do not have
Using whatever means open to them

Deeming such privilege to be true

Civilisations sadly evolve
To provide the deceitful with a right
Power to corrupt compassion gained
To misuse such ‘weakness’ as they might

This will always be true 

Assert your strength and power
Protect your values from aggression and crime
Regain your right to fight for right
Or too much will be forfeit over time

Be bold or this hell will come true
For you

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