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Friday, 13 September 2013

Getting Better and Getting Back

(such a lucky day)

I thought after my previous post that I would be up and about in no time.  Well not exactly 'no time' but certainly sooner than now.  That was not to be and it's taken an inordinately long time for me to get somewhat back to 'normal' (although I probably shouldn't use that word.  I've never been accused of being 'normal').

I'm so glad that, in the words of the legendary Beatles, 'I'm getting better all the time'.  I still have days when I'm completely 'wiped out' and doing anything; anything at all, even making a cup of tea, is a major chore but those are becoming fewer and fewer and much further in-between.  I hope that by the time I see the doctor on the 5th October, he will be able to tell me that I am perfectly fine and that I will actually feel fine.

In fact, the last stanza of The Beatles' song 'Getting Better' says it all:


It's getting better all the time.
Better, Better, Better
It's getting better all the time.
Better, Better, Better

Thyroids are nasty little beasts, I've discovered.  No one can see any problem; there are no outward signs to indicate that something is wrong; and yet, what chaos they cause.  Pffft - no thyroid will keep me down... :)

Here's something else about which I'm ecstatic.  
Although I so wanted my book to be completed months ago, I am now down to the last two chapters to be written before I can say it's done.  Those of you who've read what I've done so far with my book, 'Escape From Mount Vilipend', will understand the enormity of this.  It's the first book in a long epic fantasy series; set in a world unlike any other; with many, many convolutions which all do, indeed, tie up in the end of the book.  
I have been putting out feelers for an agent.  This is quite a difficult task as there are no publishers of the fantasy genre in South Africa so I have to look further afield to Britain or perhaps I should even consider one of the other countries such as Canada, Australia or New Zealand.  I haven't considered America because I write in Queen's English which is quite different in many respects from American English.
I've been looking for a cover artist too and, hopefully, will find 'the one' to give the cover the look and feel I want.
Please keep your fingers crossed for me on both of these very important issues.

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