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Monday, 31 March 2014

Ready... Steady... Move Your A-Z

Getting ready to pump the blogosphere from tomorrow for a whole month together with 2,000 other maniacs!

What a time we're going to have!

Last year this time, I was out of work so I had a lot of time to write each day and to then also leisurely browse through other people's blogs to comment on so many of them.  The reverse is true this year.  My job is highly demanding (timewise as well) and I've taken an easier route.  As well as being a storyteller, I'm also a poet so, for now, it's going to be poetry all the way, every day.  I hope you'll join me in enjoying some new and some old works which I'm revisiting.  So, instead of agonising over what to write, I'll plonk a poem down on the tea table and go visiting.  A much more pleasant pastime.

Looking forward to visiting you.


  1. Keep it simple and don't kill yourself. The Challenge is all about fun.

    1. Hello, Alex

      That's the idea. This time around, I'm visiting blogs I wanted to spend more time with and many more. This is going to be wonderful. Your blog will be the first! :)

  2. Maniac checking in to welcome you aboard! Enjoy.