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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Going Dark

Summer Coffee - South Africa Style
To all my Online Friends

Here is a video to ponder:  http://sfglobe.com/?id=637&src=share_fb_new_637

I'm taking the message seriously...


I love this reminder so I bid you farewell for the day
As I take myself off now to live my life my way!
I'm leaving my phone and my laptop beside
On my bedside table as I now go outside
Perhaps I'll do something, perhaps I'll just sit
To enjoy feeling grass on bare feet for a little bit
Perhaps I'll take in sights and sounds of a bird
Understand how wonderful life is when lived in life not in word
It's not that you're not important, you are
But I need to live life, not view it from afar
So, My Dear Online Friends, I'll pop back again soon
To let you know what's been happening under my sun and moon
I'm now going to live and love life in all its majesty
Not hoping and wishing and living it vicariously
Now as I bid you all a very fond 'adieu'
I hope I may meet you and we can chat 'un peu'
But not on a laptop or over a phone
Over coffee or tea and in person, not alone

1 comment:

  1. I think it's a good idea!
    I'm taking off next weekend with another vacation at the end of the month. Also thinking about going dark one day a week. Probably Saturdays. I think we all need it.