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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zested Fibre

Another of Kyle and Em's photos

At the end of an incredible month of posting a new verse each day, I can think of no more fitting end.  I can think of so many people for whom this poem is a reality.  To those who love, this, then, is for you...

Each Zested Fibre

When Love overflows
Each petalled caress
Into a perfect rose

When desire deluges
Each whisped bouquet
The treasured words you say

When yearning cascades
Each satined ascent
That cherished occasion

When love overflows
Each zested fibre

My you-kissed awareness


  1. Nice way to end it! Hope you had fun.

  2. Thanks so much, Alex

    The challenge was great and the best by a long shot was your supporting comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I have been a bit frustrated at having no time but I'll take at least one turn through everyone's blogs over the next few months and at leisure, go through all the posts of people like you, whom I absolutely admire. I should imagine that, through my blog-wandering I'll find others whose blogs I'll enjoy.

    No guesses on who will feature prominently in my Reflections... :)

  3. I love flowers and poetry so this one was a treat. :)

    Congratulations on making it to Z!

  4. Such a beautiful ending, Felicity.
    Congratulations on reaching the A to Z finishing line!