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Saturday, 12 April 2014


The Clivia is indigenous to South Africa and comes in a variety of shades with the orange above being the most common.  It is one of our spectacular plants and I think it is beyond beautiful; particularly in the kaleidoscope pictured above.


Can we ever know
What our futures
May hold?

Time and times change
And we with them

Each changing pattern
Forms its own unique thread
Within and of
The Knowledge of Ages

An intrinsic
Pliant interchange
In life’s

As time
Moves forward
As times
Spin around

As we each
Meld ourselves
The filigree of consciousness
Each pattern changes


  1. Every decision we make changes things.
    Very unusual plant.

    1. It is, isn't it, Alex. Yesterday I was talking to one of the cleaning personnel at the company at which I work and she said that her name is Clivia. She had no idea why her parents named her that. I took her to one of the windows on the third floor (my working floor) and showed her the Clivia plants in the open atrium below. I told her that every time she looks at the flowers, she must remember that her parents called her beautiful from the day of her birth. English isn't her first language and I don't know how much she understood.

  2. love that! *another a to z blogger

    1. Thanks. :)

      For the comment and the visit...

  3. Hi Felicity
    I've come from Julie Flanders' blog, where you mentioned being born in Durban... my hometown!
    That's a beautiful poem.
    When I think of kaleidoscope, I think of that rotating tubular toy we used to look through... the one with the changing colours/patterns
    New follower via the A to Z challenge!
    Writer In Transit

  4. Hello, Michelle

    Whereabouts did you grow up? I'm from Durban North and was born in Addington Hospital...

    1. Hi Fe, I grew up in Sydenham, but now I live in Glenwood. I don't know if you're familiar with those areas...

  5. That plant is gorgeous! We are trying to figure out what flowering plants we want in our yard. I'd love to find something that lovely that could survive in our altitude-desert. :)
    Thanks for stopping by this week!
    AJ @ Naturally Sweet
    An A-Z Co-host blog
    Tweet me! @ayjaylauer

    1. Hello there
      Clivia are lovely, aren't they? They are quite a hardy plant, although in very dry areas they need to be planted in the shade and they also need protection from frost. Although they're indigenous to South Africa, they are grown in many parts of the world, including Australia which has quite a harsh climate. You may find that they may survive where you are.

  6. What a beautiful flower! And I lovely poem to go with it. Thinking about how the smallest decision could unknowingly change the course of our lives makes my head spin just like the colors in a kaleidoscope.

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,

    1. Lol, thanks Jocelyn

      That's so very true, isn't it?

      Thanks for the visit.