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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Day Dawning

Rain in France
Source: Lyndsay McDee

In the first picture, my niece, Lyndsay, is trying to capture the volume of rain which was pouring down at their house in France.  The experiment didn't quite work so I've also chosen another of Lyndsay's photos to give us a double blessing after the rainfall.

Then, for your listening pleasure, at the end of the post, I've included another special - just because I love it and because I can...

New Day Dawning

The fresh new-day scent greeted us first
Followed almost immediately by the sound of rain
We looked out of the window and were amazed
After the rain, the rainbow
Source: Lyndsay McDee

A picture, painted by an amateur it seemed

The trees and houses were in perfect harmony
But alas, the rain – great big blobs of silver
Streaking down in angular disaccord

Forcing its way into so very many lives

To complete the blend, the sun still shone
In glorious rays of golden hues
With not a cloud to be seen in the sky

The art of it was so strangely beautiful!

An uncanny feeling of well-being washed over me
Not for the first time, I wondered at nature
How one tiny drop in time can alter a mood

Can change one's life for a minute, an hour, a day


  1. How in a split second, the sun can come out and change the landscape completely!