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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Holocaust and Heroism Day - 27 April 2014

It's Sunday and a Holy Day and in an expectant yet humble spirit I Thank The Lord for it.

It's also 27th April, which is Holocaust and Heroism Day.

Sourced from Benjamin Netanyahu's Facebook Page

I could get very emotional, for no other reason than that I was born fairly shortly after the end of WWII when people's memories of the war were still vivid.  My grandfather fought in both WWI and WWII and, although he never discussed what happened to him personally, he did emphasise to us how important human  life and dignity is.  Part of what he used as emphasis was the Holocaust; something he knew about intimately as he was part of one of the deployments which liberated the death camps in Germany.

However, I will not get emotional because anecdotal stories are easy to discard as exactly that - stories. Islam is already trying to expunge the history books of what happened with the Holocaust in WWII as mere anecdotal hysteria by the Israeli Nation and by Jews in general. What I will do for today, as I thank Jesus Christ and My Father God for guidance, is to give factual information about the Holocaust in the form of a film made during the liberation of the concentration camps but only shown to the public in 1985, forty years after it was filmed.

Today is a time of reflection and memory so that the atrocities of the past will never, ever be repeated again. Yet, even as I write this, my heart is breaking because all signs point to a repeat of that terrible time.  Anti-Semitism is once again rampant in many countries. Apparently, there is even talk now that the Jews in Ukraine (in the past couple of weeks) are being forced to register their nationality and other personal details with the government (open to question as to who has been sending out the registration flyers but the fact that there are such flyers is worrying indeed). (Warning - graphic content).  I believe in my deepest being that this 'registration' is the first step towards a repeat of the WWII atrocities which were orchestrated in large part by islamic jihadists who worked in cahoots with Hitler to perpetrate the worst ethnic genocide ever known.  

In one part of the film, there is a discussion about the dehumanising of people by, at the time, forcing them to remove their clothes and walk naked amongst one another; shaving their heads; and tattooing their bodies with numbers.

While I was listening to this discussion in the film, I kept getting a vision of TSA agents, stripping people naked through the use of their body scanners and by patting people down in the most intimate manner in front of other passengers.  This, to me, is the modern-day version of what happened in the German concentration camps and is exactly what is meant by 'dehumanising' of people.

I pray that another Holocaust-like genocide is not about to take place in America.  Europe has its own problems in this respect but so far I haven't heard about such dehumanising activities taking place.  

Here then is a film which you should back up with your own research on the subject.  Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has put together an impressive archive of photographs and material from WWII.  That would be a good place to start your research.  In all things, you owe it to yourself to research, research and research some more.  Knowledge is a most powerful weapon.  Ignorance is the ambrosia of ruling classes.

(I've tried to embed the video but it's not working for some reason.  Here's the link.)



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