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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Too Bold a Bridge

Darryl in the foreground framed by a rickety bridge - La Vendee, France

How many times I've wanted to 'get involved' but then I've stepped back and left the hard work for someone else to do.  I'm not proud of this and neither should I be.  We are called to act but too often we find that we've shied away from God's calling on our lives and the loss is ours.

This poem, like quite a few lately, has political overtones because many countries are struggling under corrupt regimes with seemingly no end in sight so we (I) step back and don't even try to do something; anything which may make a difference.  No more!  Perhaps it's an age thing but I've got to the point in my life where,  if I feel compelled to speak, act or otherwise, I now do so.  That's why a lot of my poetry portrays such tremendous resolve sometimes.  Oh well!   :)

Too Bold a Bridge

Not for me the glooming force
Of whorls and swirls within

The coils and swoops
The guttural hate
The gnaw and gnash
The gorge

The power of those
Of choice

Not for me the shadowed way
Of flush and murk without
The grates and grinds
The rasping riot
The crush and chafe
The caw

The law of those

Not for me the obvious
Of time and times in time
The clangs and chimes
The crushing grind
The rasp and rub
The clash

The fight of those
For right

Not for me all this
Yet if not mine then whose
The paths and trails
The trying press
The guide and lead
The head

Too bold a bridge
For loss


  1. I'm loving your intros to let us know where you're coming from when writing your poetry. Yeah, I know the feeling of not acting -- and you're absolutely right that we're the ones who lose when we don't.

  2. This is extremely powerful Felicity - thank you. It is a bold bridge, one to cross, with resolve, no matter how deep and treacherous the waters. The time and tide will turn -
    Garden of Eden Blog

  3. The message behind this piece is an astute one. :)

  4. I like the subtlety that's left stirring in the wake of some very strong momentum. :)

    The Immarcescible Word

  5. Thank you so much, Everyone

    I really like the feel of this poem with all its disjointedness...