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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Over The Edge

This is a fun poem with serious overtones (much like most of my poems, I guess).  

My picture shows clouds pushing their way over and across one another. The black in the background was also a cloud. It was an incredible sight.

I'm so glad.  We have a long weekend coming up.  Four whole days to wander around the blogosphere catching up with visiting in between chores and such-like.  I can't wait.
Johannesburg, Feb 2014


Love stood at the edge
Looking down on
The roiling boiling mass below
Shocked yet intrigued by the chaos
Love stood aside
Just looked
And wondered 

Love stepped over the edge
Tentatively touching
The edge of reason
Drawn ever closer by something wild
Love moved forward
Touched and
Touched again

Love moved into the mass
Embracing passion in
The roiling boiling mass within
Stunned at the unexpected hunger
Love surrendered completely
Gave and then
Received in turn

Love succumbed to the mass
Senses drowning in
A spiralling vortex of sensation
Soul essence 
Pulsating uncontrolled
Love burst within itself
Creating more love-filled chaos


  1. Nice! That's how it all begins.
    Hope you enjoy catching up during your long weekend.

  2. Looks like thunder heads. It trying to rain here in North Idaho, united states,

    Stop in from A to Z callenge.

    Coffee is on

  3. Great photo to illustrate your poem, I loved the description.

    Enjoy the long weekend :)

  4. Beautiful poem... So passionate. Fantastic pic, too!

    Have a great weekend Fe!

  5. Hadn't thought of emotions that way before, like having their own POV. :)