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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Pause and Reflect

Sometimes in life one has to pause and reflect. 

Today was one of those days. 

I witnessed an interaction between two people, where one was explaining a relatively simple concept and the other clearly didn’t have a clue what the first was talking about.  The premise was not too difficult to understand (in my opinion), yet no matter how many times it was explained, the latter couldn’t ‘get’ it. 

Source Unknown
Such lack of understanding used to irritate and frustrate me no end until I paused and reflected (many years ago) and realised a truth which few people consider – a person is only able to understand anything, absolutely anything and particularly what another means, from their own level of understanding (or intelligence).  Thus, a person can be the most brilliant person on earth, with the most incredible teaching skills but will not be able to make another understand something which that person’s brain cannot process.  It all boils down to what is known as the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).  There is certainly a degree of understanding which derives from education.  However, this becomes a circular equation as a person’s learning ability goes around in a full circle to their ability to understand.

A quick search for Intelligence Quotient produced a number of excellent papers.  Wiki is the easiest to read and understand and is the source I reference here.  Please do your own research and never, as I have so often said, believe a word anyone says without thoroughly researching the content yourself.

Since becoming aware of people’s IQ limitations, I am less inclined to become irritated when people appear to be totally obtuse.  I ‘get’ it.  Their understanding can only extend to the limit of their intelligence. 

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