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Monday, 26 March 2018

Complete - Escape from Mount Vilipend - Book I of The Daighacaer

Wowee!  Done at last :)

Escape from Mount Vilipend, Book I of The Daighacaer is complete. 

Now the hard work of getting publishers interested is about to begin.
My Dream List for the near future:

I have surrounded myself with a wonderful team of people on this journey of mine. If you would like to join us, please let me know.

  • Always in need - Beta Readers;
  • I have a wonderful editor but would like another as well who is familiar with the fantasy genre; 
  • A cartographer to take my very, very crude map ideas and make them into something wonderful, fantastical; 
  • An artist who can come up with a striking cover page and perhaps even pencil drawing to insert with the chapter poems and/or randomly throughout the book (surprises for the readers );
  • Someone who can market the book to agents and/or publishers and, of course, 
  • Access to those too - agents and publishers.
 There are snippets of the story and its progress scattered throughout the Blog...


  1. Good luck!
    We have some of those needs listed at the IWSG site.

    1. Hello, Alex
      Thank you, Alex, for so much, including your constant support even when my belief in myself has been at its lowest and I've been a social hermit.

      It's 3am and here I am, on IWSG but quite lost as I haven't kept up my blogging or visiting. Whew.