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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Forest Finery - UPDATE with The Painting by Brian Rolfe

My inspiration comes from so many sources.  This painting by artist, Brian Rolfe, inspired today's poem.

On rare occasions one stumbles upon a person whose genius is so manifest in everything he or she does that one wonders if they are truly aware of the extent of their genius. A number of months ago, I was privileged to begin following one such genius. His name is Brian Rolfe and his art is an absolute wonder to me. Every painting I've seen speaks to my very soul and I would never say that lightly.
As usual this latest painting by Brian is magnificent and was posted on his facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/artbrianrolfe). It was this painting which inspired me. I truly hope I can do it at least some little bit of justice.

Thoughts of You

He paused and listened intently for a while
To the whisper impress itself upon his thought
Still he strained to hear the forest’s call
Then absorbed the quest as he knew he aught

Shades within shadows within shades hid from him
To burst then trickle through his consciousness
As that most ancient clan of primordial trees
Sketched and drew him to within their midst

Awareness pummelled the fragments of his mind
He knew this place better than he knew his life cue
But where was it, this mirage of life’s true meaning
Which quenched his thirst to make him hunger anew?


  1. Very nice! I can see someone standing in the forest. Or maybe it's a deer or other animal?

  2. What do you think, Alex? Does the poem suit the painting?

  3. You've done it great justice felicity thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, Susan. I've been 'off the scene' for a few months so need to get back into it again... :)