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Saturday 21 December 2013

We're liable - Lungisa Toni

I met Lungisa Toni at the company at which I work in Johannesburg, South Africa where everyone called him 'Toni' although that is his surname. Actually, he encourages the use of the name 'Toni' because he says it's an easier name for people to remember.  

Toni is a committed Christian who lives his walk with Christ in everything he does on a daily basis.  He works as a security guard and is passionate about providing service.  Sadly our company has moved to new premises and in the move, the security company which was used was changed.  This means that I will probably not be in touch with Toni anytime soon.  However, I would like to showcase this man's abundant talent.  

During the last frenetic week of our move, Toni and I chatted quite a lot and I discovered that he writes, specifically in verse.  Not only does he write, but he takes the time to engage in his world around him in a very real way and it is this engagement which forms the basis of his poetry. 

Here is one of a few of Toni's poems which I am privileged to share with you.  (English is not his first language although one would never know this).  The picture I've chosen is the cover of Ron Myers' book 'The Wholly Liable' because of the uncanny synchronicity between these two men.

We’re liable, we’re liable

 Ron Myers - The Wholly Liable
Appropriate Synchronicity
Time to become realistic has come
Accepting that we are equally liable
For all that we disapprove of around
Socially, politically and economically
For our negligence and irresponsibility
Commenting and not acting, we’re liable

Eventually we have to accept
Without dealing with our perceptions
Without minding our contributions
Towards creative mindsets and routines
Surely we are also to blame for all
Hens lay eggs, what do we do? We’re liable

This our lifetime demands our efforts
For without us there is no world and life
We are the masters of our destiny
Freedom and democracy is smart always
Only for those in civilization pursuits
We’re liable to peace and prosperity

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  1. HI, FE,


    What a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I was thinking about you today. I woke up on this fine Christmas morning with a shimmer of sparkling white diamonds, dusting the park I see from my windows. Nothing like snow on Christmas day.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!!!!