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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Father, My Father


Words by Morgan – Abraham Kriel Children’s Home


Father, My Father

Father, my Father
I didn’t understand
How much you loved me as you held me by the hand
You taught me your wisdom in indiscernible ways
When I railed against injustice and hate from another
You showed me the humility of understanding
That everyone has their path to tread
That their walk is not my walk and never will be

Father, my Father
One day I’ll understand
Why you filled me with a spirit to protect the harmed and broken
You taught me that everything I do must be done from my heart
That anything worth my time needs my passion to make it great
And Father, my Father you led me to The Lord
Teaching me that Jesus The Christ and Almighty God
Forgive me for my sins and ask me to give forgiveness too

Father, my Father
One day we’ll meet again
I miss you so yet your spirit lives on here on earth
As I live your life-lessons although I still stumble still
As I pass your life-lessons on to lives entrusted to my care
Passing on your wisdom in indiscernible ways
Life is never easy but easier for having known you
What a blessing it was to have you for my Dad

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