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Sunday, 28 July 2019

The Willow Wept


Words by Mel:
Willow tree

The Willow Wept

In the garden of our family home 
Stood an ancient, gnarled old willow tree
We didn't have a garden gnome
We shared nature with the ladybug and bee

Manicures (and pedis) were for us and not the lawn
Our garden was a growth and play ground
Where food was grown and logs were sawn
A haven around which our childhood wound 

That tree stood by me through many loves
A magnificent giant, scarred with many a carved heart
It wept with me in the desolation I wove
To guide me through my sighs and gulping tears

It bore silent witness each afternoon as the sun dipped to its rest
When a window in the house reflected a bright white gleam
That shone on its trunk and each bird's nest
Light that changed each leaf to a shimmering lime green

In those moments I often saw my mother watching me
Sometimes with a gentle smile, at others with her lips drawn in pain
There is no power to which a mother is privy 
That will be of any help to young lovelorn teen

My Mom knew as only she could have known
The courage I’d need to become who I am today
Her strength inspired me to have a mind of my own
Her innate power still takes my breath away

What's instructive for all who wish to experience life's thrill

Is that it's a complex jungle to be conquered on our own
As the willow wept with me and yet stands upright still
Our lifepath is a path to growth that is ours alone

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