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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Faith Reflection Day

My reflection post for the A-Z Challenge is complete and posted.  Hooray!

Today is Sunday and my reflection for today focuses on my personal walk with Jesus, who is most definitely My Lord and without whom I would be a very lost soul indeed.

When I began writing The Daighacaer, my life was in a bit of a mess and I honestly believed that if I lost myself in my writing, my life would somehow improve.  I loved the world I was creating but I was still a lost soul and, although after the first burst of enthusiasm, I dabbled in writing for months and months, I always felt that something was missing.

About two years ago I rededicated myself to The Lord and had the surprise of my life.  When I sat down to write my story, words flowed far more easily and the pleasure I got from writing it was (and still is) incredible.

So, although my work has already been dedicated, as of this Sunday, I formally dedicate my blog to The Lord and Sundays will be my Faith Reflection Days.

To start off the process, each Sunday during the months of May and June, I'll post a few verses of the story of Joseph - told in poetic form but also from a little bit of different perspective.  Nothing I've written is meant to contradict the Bible but is simply a look at the story from how I view Joseph's personal perspective as the recipient of all that occurred and, hopefully, to bring a lighter side to the story while not detracting from the message at all.


The days were short when I was young
And the nights so very long
I suppose every child feels that way
Not wanting to sleep, waiting for day
I knew each evening with my very first yawn
That there was an awfully long wait until dawn

My father, Jacob, had many children indeed
Twelve sons as well as some daughters to feed
We travelled the desert as many did before
With goats and sheep, pots and pans galore
Ever aware and listening out for our God's command
Waiting for Him to reach out His Holy Hand

I knew I was special and as I grew older
My boasts became louder, my actions bolder
My father loved me dearly, set me apart
And I traded on that love from the start
Today I'm not proud of the taunts I threw
And I understand my brothers' point of view

It was the cloak which upset them the most
"How many colours, what style" I'd boast
Then I started on those fateful dreams
They as the stars, bowing to me it seems
I knew it was a vision from The Holy One
And I know now that what was, had to be done

[to be continued...]

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