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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Getting Published

This is a repost from C B Wentworth who did a wonderful critique of 'How I Got Published' by Ray White.

The closer I get to finalising my first book, the more I realise that the writing of it is by far the easiest part.  Having it 'peer reviewed' is going to be difficult; finding an agent and/or publisher is going to be worse; getting it published; worse still and then - Good Grief - will the public even read it?

Writing is not for sissies but having a work published and actually 'making it' must take the fortitude of a superhero - I was going to say 'ox' but then considered that a number of authors are of the feminine gender and we wouldn't at all like to be compared with an ox. :)

Here's a taste of C B's review and a link so that you can read it for yourself, 'from the horse's mouth' so to speak...

C B Wentworth

CB's rating: 3 of 5 stars
The title alone is enough to grab the attention of any writer dying to get published. Famous and not-so-famous authors share their stories of failure and eventual success in the brutal business of publishing.

Organized into short essays, a number of authors write about their experiences with query letters, rejections, agents, deals gone wrong...

Thanks, CB


  1. If only getting published meant some assurance of the public reading it! But that may only ever come from precious few presses...

    1. That's the sad truth, isn't it?

      It's a good thing that a writer writes for the love of it. Well I do, in any event but being published is and will remain a dream.

      How are you feeling?