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Friday, 10 May 2013


It's past 1:00 am and I really should get some sleep but my mind won't rest just yet.  Since I can't sleep, I need company, as misery tends to do.

I was going to puzzle your mind  by asking for sentences of three 'because'; five 'and'; and eleven 'had'.  However, that is too much of a mind-bend so here are the sentences for each and while it shouldn't be too difficult to punctuate the first one, the second and third may cause a bit of head-scratching unless you too had a father like mine who loved testing us with such puzzles.

one may not start a sentence with because because because is a conjunction

please redo the sign the gaps between fish and and and and and chips are too large

peter where john had had had had had had had had had had had the teachers approval

It's now way past sleep time so I bid you good night and bon nuit.   Tomorrow's post will reveal all...

Since I'm playing with words, here's a bit of extra fun.  A 'wordy' poem using some names of towns and villages in Lincolnshire.  You'll need to read it aloud to get the best out of it.


I looked for Bishop Norton
Even went into the church
Bishop Norton wasn't there
So I continued my search

Someone said Brandy Wharf
May be where he Caenby found
Go past the Spital in the Street
Just keep your Hemswell off the ground

If you see Normanby sure to give my best
You’ll know him by his Aubourn hair
While his son Grantham-fisted as he is
Measures his wheat in a Roughton

When I asked at Glentham Store
Where the good Bishop was
And why he wasn’t Holme
I was merrily Laughton my way

I searched for Bishop Norton
But didn't know the wretched score
Of how to cope when my Legsby sore
As I climbed that Sandy Bank each day

I looked for Bishop Norton
Even went into the Church
Bishop Norton wasn't there
So I'll continue my search


  1. Replies
    1. :)

      Thanks. I visited your blog and left a message for you.


    2. you can listen now. sory

  2. That was a pretty weird entry! Editing gets to me sometimes, too.

    1. Hello, John

      It is, isn't it? Sometimes the right hand side of the brain takes over completely.


  3. Great one thank you! Hope you're sleeping with punctuated dreams!

  4. Thanks, Susan

    With regard to the puzzles, when the punctuation is correct, it's actually quite easy reading. That's my next post for later on today... :)