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Monday, 6 May 2013

My Very First Drum

In 2005 I lived for a few months with Charmian and Darryl, my sister and brother-in-law in Glentham, a tiny village in  Lincolnshire, England, with a population of just over 250 people.  

For me it was a perfect time.  I loved the country life and helping out in the village store which Darryl and Charm owned.   The village store comprises everything from bank and post office, to grocer and even the off licence.

My favourite pastimes included walking through farmlands with the dogs; going for bicycle rides and just getting back into the nature of life.  

It was also a time during which I wrote so many wonderful poems. 

This little children's poem was one of the poems I wrote during that time and I'm delighted that I found a picture which so suits the tone of the poem.  I do hope you enjoy it.

My Very First Drum

Grandad said
He knew where to find
An empty pepper tin
To make me a drum
My very first drum

So we climbed
And we climbed
The wooden stairs
Right up to the attic
A very large room

Grandad said
It’s the granary
Where the salted bacon’s kept
Where the ham is kept as well
It’s all stored here
On huge great big hooks
Hanging and ready
To be hauled downstairs
For dinner or lunch
Made by your Mum or Gran

Grandad found
The empty tin
Up on the shelf
Where he’d put it himself
In the corner of the room
In great excitement I took off the lid
And my nose took off as well
I sneezed and sneezed
Grandad chuckled and wheezed
Well it was the pepper tin

Grandad polished
Until the tin sparkled and shone
Made a hole in the top
And the bottom
Then he threaded some string
Clean through the holes
And there it was
A beautiful thing
All shiny and bright
My very first drum

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