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Monday, 1 April 2019

A - Abstract Symmetry

My focus for the Tenth Anniversary of A-Z April Challenge is all about heart.

Reflections of a life well lived is an extract from a series of poems which venture to encapsulate my emotions in situations in which I have found myself throughout my life.

For a number of years, I was blessed to have a job which involved travelling around South Africa and becoming intimately acquainted with every aspect of life here.  Most of my travels were by car, over distances of many hundreds of kilometers at a time.

When long-distance travel is part of one's job, one can either love or hate it. I chose Love.


I stared down at the fabric of the road ahead of me
Hypnotised by the stitches binding the tarmac into one
Mile after mile my eyes were drawn along
The stitch upon stitch in a perfectly straight line

My thoughts converged with my vision for a time
As before me ran the perfectly formed stripes of the zebra
Converging at points and fading at others
The line upon line in an abstract symmetry

I raised my eyes to the distant streaming lines
Blinked twice or thrice to clear my errant thoughts and mind
Back to the ever-present endless road ahead of me
The black upon black of wheels on newly laid tar

The Free State in South Africa is pancake-flat farmland and vast [Source: own photograph]

1 comment:

  1. They really do look like stitching don't they?
    Well done and blessings from Geoff.