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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Z - Zeitgeist


There are times when living is really tough
When tranquil is a myth
When all we touch turns into chaff
When the dark comes crowding in
As we try to sleep each night
When the abyss is never-ending
With no hint of an end in sight

As we reach the lowest of our all-time low
Through fake smiles and nods and cheer
We find no way to turn around
Our persistent fear and despair
To be as the world expects of us
Though mists of darkness swirl and roil
We feign our felicity and our control

Yet in the distance a sliver of light
Opens a chink which begins to blush
The void which we’ve embraced so tight
To protect us from being hurt once more
Seems less burdensome for a moment in time
The beginning of a less oppressive life perhaps
The lifting of years of doubt and pain

You, Lord, are that to me in some strange and wondrous way
You have changed a once-deadened heart
Who’s ready laughs and jokes aside
Had to try hard to pretend to care
One who now if the need is there
Has begun to shed an honest tear
Decades of detachment in reverse

Thank you, Lord, for helping to relieve my plight
Although to be honest I’m plagued by doubt
That life will be better as my senses renew
Those times when I feel emotions so raw
Are more uncomfortable than You will know
Being out of control fills me with Holy dread
Is it better to be living than the living dead?

That time in all our lives, it seems
When we’ve moved out from the dark
Into Your embrace and Your Holy Light
As all things hidden become manifest
Your hand leads those who spread Your love
Throughout this world You gave to us
To live in peace one to another for Your Name’s sake

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