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Wednesday, 3 April 2019

C - Crimson Roses

My focus for the Tenth Anniversary of A-Z April Challenge is all about heart.

Reflections of a life well lived is an extract from a series of poems which venture to encapsulate my emotions in situations in which I have found myself throughout my life.

The Parish of Glentham in Lincolnshire boasts a population of about 240 people. The population apparently hasn't increased since the 1901 census. When I lived there in 2005 for a few months, I made up the 241st person. Gentle pastoral living at its very best and so good for the soul. If I had been afforded the opportunity, I would have remained in the UK and stayed there.
St Peter and St Paul Anglican Church which is the focus of my poem, is a Grade 1 listed church, dating from the 13th century. 


As I stood in the Churchyard
The echoes of lives

Deeply moved by the sadness
Of it all
I noticed
The trailing vines of ivy
The sprays of crimson roses
Adorning resting places
Of loved ones
So long ago

I could not help but be moved
By the natural
Integrity of this
Gracious country society
As the evening sun
Broke through the overcast sky
Streaming shafts of pure light
Into another

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely church! And a lovely poem too, I can feel the sentiment of that moment :)

    The Multicolored Diary