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Friday, 5 April 2019

E - Ebb or Flow

My focus for the Tenth Anniversary of A-Z April Challenge is all about heart.

Reflections of a life well lived is an extract from a series of poems which venture to encapsulate my emotions in situations in which I have found myself throughout my life.

I discovered early on in life that I didn’t quite ‘fit in’ with the generality around me. Not that I didn’t try, really hard, to do so; I simply didn’t. If someone needed to stand up for what was right and to call out people who were not ‘right’ or bullies, it was generally me that did it. That got me into an awful lot of trouble at times. It also meant that I was not the most popular kid on the block. You can imagine the torment for a young girl who couldn’t seem to fit in.

The situation didn’t improve much after I left university to join the working class and I walked out of more jobs than I care to mention because the ethics and integrity were suspect. The time came when I was promoted to management in a company which I truly liked and in which I was prepared to fully invest myself. It was a leading edge telecommunications company and my skills fitted in perfectly.

At one of the team-building breakaways, we were expected to participate in at least two of the vigorous physical endeavours. I happily chose two of the more challenging ones.

The first challenge was to climb a rather high mountain, to jump over a chasm to get to a ledge and to abseil back to ground level. I hated every moment of it. Whew, I never have to do that again! 

Next up was the white river rafting challenge which most people eschewed because of the danger. I was a slight 5’, not particularly strong, young woman and was counseled to not put myself into harm’s way as the river was in flood. That was like a red flag to a bull. I would conquer the river! We were paired up and, thankfully, a rather strong gentleman friend of mine agreed to let me join him. We canoed down that river like bosses! What a thrill!

Yes, the danger was real and yes, I was really afraid at times. However, I’d found my element – challenging the physical currents as I had always challenged the emotional and intellectual currents. On that river I found me.

Everyone has their own, unique and God-given element – that quality which is their’s alone. I pray for you that you find yours and make it your own as you go through this life we live. 


In my life I will always flow
Against the current
Where dead fish don't go

Seeking aspects that others don't see
Being the channel
Always true to me

I will lift or shift those barriers
As I move forward in my life
Barriers others don’t even know are there

My worldview resonates with - me
As I stride out in my delight
Across each ridge and valley


In my life I will always flow
Against the current
Where dead fish don't go

A little white water [Source: Own photograph]

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