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Monday, 8 April 2019

F - Felix and Bart

This is by far the most difficult post I’ve done for the A-Z Challenge. I wrote this poem while watching live footage of people in tears leaving or those who refused rescue because they would not leave their pets to die in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I’m still affected by the memory of that horror.

In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused a humanitarian disaster which caught the attention of the whole world. For me, one of the saddest ‘rescue’ operations was that people were faced with a choice of being rescued only without their pets or refusing rescue. Many people and their pets died because of this unconscionable edict. I wrote the featured poem with a heavy heart. And yes, my heart breaks every time I think about the inhumanity of it all. Here are only two of the articles written about the situation.

The pictures are linked to two sites.

Felix and Bart

With red-rimmed eyes
With breaking heart
He looked about and wept
His little cat, Felix
And his old dog, Bart
The only family he had left
Then the rescuers arrived
Six of them in a boat
With loaded guns
For protection they said

You have to leave
We’ve come for you

Alright, God Bless
And Thank you
Please help me
With my dog and cat

They’re not allowed
They cannot come
You and one bundle
Treasures you can hold

My only treasures I have
The only treasures I want
Are my pets
My pets I love, please…

We’ve said – no pets
You heard. Got it?
We’ve come for you
You have to come

You have to help me
What about Felix and Bart?

They’re animals
We’ve told you once
They’re only pets
We have no room

I’ll carry them
If I leave them
They’ll die

That’s just too bad
They’re not allowed
Get your things
And step aboard

Thank you
But No
I will not leave
Not without my pets
You do your worst
I won’t allow you in
To “rescue” me
To leave my pets in this tomb
We’ll survive
As we have thus far
And if we don’t
Well, that’s our own doom
Take your “rescue”
Take your boat
Take your guns
And go!
We don’t need
The likes of you
Go away
Go now!
Or shoot
But if you shoot
Shoot to kill
I will not leave
Without my pets
I will not leave
Against my will
I will not leave
Get out!

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