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Thursday, 18 April 2019

O - Older


There’s a rattle in the dashboard
The handbrake’s cover has been split
Wires from somewhere are hanging loose
The dashed dash-lights do not work

The clutch is squeaking
The door panels are in disarray
Oh gosh! The chair has started now
And that squeak won’t go away

I freeze because the vent won’t close
The gears sound very sick
But worst of all, believe me please
My window falls out with a click

I realise that the car is no longer very new
But this is quite ridiculous, even for you
Yes, goods are no longer made to last
Quality workmanship now not an issue

What concerns me just a little bit
Is that my car is two weeks old today
Two weeks today? I hear you say
I can’t believe your story

Well, I’d rather not believe it either
Except that I’m her owner
I’ve paid for her and you don’t care
Perhaps I should have called sooner

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