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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

S - The Sun Shone Black


The Moon shone full
Supremely illuminating the night
Creating fluid sheen on water
Transforming trees and leaves
Into not quite stark silhouettes
In an almost night, almost day

The Sun shone black
Darker than the night it crept in
Bringing with it
A depth of obscure mystery
Eclipsing all it touched
With commanding conviction

The Moon fought bravely
To hold on to her power
Yet the unhurried compelling onslaught
Ate away her life spirit
Until she closed her eyes
Under the total domination

As soon as he’d mastered her
The Sun passed lovingly through
Touching the delicate night light
As the Moon restored her reign
Until once more her grace
Radiated in the night sky
Resplendent in regained luminescence

As Night bowed to Day
The Moon curtsied to the Sun
Unconcerned at His unusual foray
Into her cyclical realm
Her smile was gentle, his intense
Together always, complete and infinite
Eternal lovers ruling Day and Night

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