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Monday, 22 April 2019

R - Raptors


The sky shone brightly
A blue vibrant hue
Untainted today by
Powder puff clouds
Or gossamer wisps
Of candyfloss strands

In formation they flew
Three magnificent
Ships in the sky
Fighter pilots yes
But reconnaissance too
Winging their way on the wind

Upward they soared
Then circled once more
Regrouping it seemed
They rested
Their triangular skill
Armed and ready to kill

Caught by choice
In a current
They drifted earthward
Yet drift isn’t quite right
They glided
Sailing close to the wind

Three expert forms
Concave wings outstretched
Dove one by one
Towards the earth
To instantly rise
Into the skies once more

Three fighter pilots
Claw over claw
Each with its prey
Suspended in motion
Lanced in combat
On talons of death

Raptors do not know
What it is to rejoice
There’s only one thing they know
That if they don’t hunt
For their every meal
They will surely die

So these splendid eagles
Take to the skies each day
To search where they can
For their daily meat
Magnificent ships of the sky
Beautiful birds of prey

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