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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Banloghs, Blade Dragons and Bogs (2 April 2013)

[Continuing the theme of my Epic Fantasy, ‘The Daighacaer’ ("Day-gar-care")].

The story abounds with new and remarkable species and interesting elements such as designer mutants and sentience in what we would normally consider to be inanimate entities. 

Banloghs: are bands of pixies which were specifically mutated by The Darke in order to sow chaos amongst the other inhabitants of Faeré. No two bands were altered in the same way but, despite their physical and elemental differences, all Banloghs sense the mutated core in other Banloghs.

Banloghs rely on cunning and their sheer force of numbers to overrun and capture their prey.

Blade Dragons: were originally creatures of The Lighte and were the proud Protectors of Royalty. The Darke recognised the power of these Protectors and spent aeons forcibly removing from them all knowledge of their original state of being. Once this knowledge was gone, the Blade Dragons were used as weapons against those whom they were created to protect.

Source: Geoff Maritz (http://geoffmaritz.blogspot.com/)
Bogs: lie in wait for the unwary which they capture and absorb into themselves. The most interesting feature of bogs is that they are sentient and are not only cognisant of their allies; they assist these allies in overwhelming and capturing prey. 

In one section in Escape from Mount Vilipend, a battle is pitched between a volcano and a bog. The volcano uses lava as its weapon and the bog climbs up the side of the volcano to engulf the volcano. Both the battle and the outcome are thought-provoking.

In order to keep the blog short, I haven’t included any of the book extracts here but I'll be sure to add an unedited extract of Chapter One of Escape From Mount Vilipend to give you a glimpse of what the story is about. 

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