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Monday, 29 April 2013


The Yldryf occupy a unique position within Faeré.  They are the guardians of mortals for and on behalf of The Lighte.  In this capacity, they have many strengths and are privy to information which only one other race, the Blade Dragons can access – The Knowledge of Ages which contains every memory of every Yldryf and Blade Dragon which ever lived.
The relationship between the Yldryf and the Blade Dragons is one which is aeons old but was disrupted when Caliginor thrust the Blade Dragons into a time of Darke.  Senthe explains the bond to Weda’Sel

“In times past, Weda’Sel, in the Time of The Blade Dragons within The Lighte” said Senthe, “That Time in which we are now again to live, Blade Dragons and Royal families were bonded in a mind-bond with an oath which was stronger even than a blood-oath.  The more Royal the family, the more Royal the Blade Dragon; thus the mind-bond endured in the strongest possible way; power with power together.”

“Is that what you think is happening with Sinuthe and Sháine?” asked Weda’Sel.

“We’re not sure” replied Suthe “but it does look as if they have formed a mind-bond which would be unusual for what may be a mismatched status but, times now aren’t at all usual, are they?”

“Sháine is a Princess of the Yldryf Realm of Nnat’Llõugh.  She and her mother Tirǽche are from Sidhe Nnat’Llõugh but, if what you say is correct, Suthe, you, as Sinuthe’s parents should immediately have mind-bonded with Tirǽche and that didn’t happen did it?” asked Weda’Sel.

 “No, Weda’Sel, neither of us did, which is why we’re a little confused” said Senthe. 

“There is yet a further confusion” continued Suthe.  “While I understand that Sháine is of Yldryf Royalty she can’t be of The Royalty to which Senthe and my family are bonded.  Although we don’t at the moment know the name of that Royalty, we would have responded instantly when you mentioned the Realm of  Nnat’Llõugh.  It is customary for Blade Dragons to mind-bond with a Royal of equal status.  So it would be that Senthe and I would bond with the principal Royals and our offspring would bond with their offspring.  However, Senthe and I would not necessarily bond with the Royal offspring since too many bonds would cause untold confusion.  So it has been since the beginning of Time and Times.”    

“We are not bonded with the Realm of Nnat’Llõugh, Weda’Sel.  That is why the mind-bond which I’m now very certain Sinuthe and Sháine share between them, doesn’t make any sense to me” said Senthe.

  The Yldryf are, in the truest sense, emissaries of The Lighte.  Every full-Yldryf looks at the world through emerald green eyes whilst every half-Yldryf looks at the world through jade green eyes, no matter what the race of their other parent is.  The Yldryf’s emerald green eyes and the jade eyes of those born of one Yldryf and one non-Yldryf parent attest to their heritage. 

I found it very difficult to choose a poem relating specifically to the Yldryf and I simply haven't had the time to write one.  Thus, my choice of poem this time is to do with the A-Z letter ‘Y’.

Sleep is elusive

As I


Within yet without

Unconscious parallels








Hesitant shades


Opaque mirrors




In freedom

To encircle

To challenge

To embrace

A throbbing pulse

Of passion

Of awareness

Of depth

Of deepest love

For the Irresistible

Which is


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  1. They have much history to chew over. I'm wondering how you'll close out this series. You can't possibly give away the end of your novel!