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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fantasy, Faeré and Forthcoming (6 April)

[Continuing the theme of my Epic Fantasy, ‘The Daighacaer’ ('Day-gar-care'); Book I, Escape From Mount Vilipend]
I’ve written all my life but mostly poetry and children’s stories with a few career and industry articles thrown in for good measure. Although I read Tolkien (didn’t we all?) it was only in the half-hearted manner of a child. I found it laborious and the imagery went way over my head. I much preferred Shakespeare (whom I studied avidly in school and still consider to be the best playwright and storyteller ever). I can hear the groans resounding through the Blogosphere but honestly, I was a serious child who took life oh-so-very seriously. My poetry was sad or angry with one or two happy anomalies which seemed to happen entirely on their own. I’m glad that in my ‘very advanced’ years, I’ve at last grown up a little and can enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed…
FANTASY: For me to have even started writing fantasy was a surprise to everyone I know but mostly to me. 

I began my story even before reading any (other than Lord of the Rings) fantasy at all. In fact, when I started writing, the story was going to be a children’s story about Mongooses and Meerkats. That story made it to about page three and was tossed. The Daighacaer was a tale waiting to be told and my typing fingers were available to tell it.

FAERÉ: ['Fair-ay'] Why Faeré? It seemed like a good name for an entire Realm and fitted in quite nicely with the phonetics of Daighacaer – close enough to ‘fairy’ yet different enough to be quite unique.

The Realm of Faeré is under the control of two opposing forces – those of The Lighte and those of The Darke with a Universal Author (Tauan [‘Tau-æn’) overseeing but not interfering in the whole. Faeré has existed since the beginning of Time and Times and everything which occurs in the Realm is recorded in The Knowledge of Ages to which only certain mortals have access. Access to The Knowledge of Ages is restricted to The Lighte who initiated it and certain very specific proponents for The Lighte. Access to this knowledge is one of the reasons for The Darke’s continual attacks on The Lighte. The one who owns The Knowledge owns Faeré.

FORTHCOMING: Escape from Mount Vilipend (95% complete) is Book I in the series. Book II, Raeldysce (‘Ræl-dis’) is well on its way and is about 65% complete. The other books are in various stages of completion but none is more than 50% complete so will remain under the radar at the moment.
What I’ve done is to use Book I to introduce the proponents for The Darke; Book II will introduce you to the proponents for The Lighte; Book III will expand on The Darke; and Book IV will do the same for The Lighte. As this is an Epic series, I’ve found this to be the easiest way to proceed in all respects – from a reader’s understanding of the plots and sub-plots to keeping logical aspects together. I don’t know if it will all work out as I envisage but I hope so…

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