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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Growing Forward

Once in a while a spirit of understanding settles on one and, inadvertently, a new path is hewn. The process can be percolated over many months or years or it can hit one as sharply as a carelessly moved branch.

Starting this Blog was such a slap for me (from a branch with sharp little thorns too).

This is a new adventure for me so I've no idea where this Blog will take me but I have utmost faith that my God rewards initiative. So here I am, pushing branches out of the way and growing forward.

I'm doing this because I'm a writer and a poet. Those two little words encompass a world of meaning. Some of my professional/business writings have been published in industry-specific magazines and some of my stories and poems have enjoyed modest successes in local publications. None of that is relevant except as an introduction to what I want to achieve here. My initial idea is to concentrate on building up a repository of stories and poetry (mine and, in the future, other writers' and poets' work as well). However, if this Blog simply serves to satisfy me alone, I am happy that I have taken what, for me, is an unusual step of having the courage of putting some of my work out into a public domain.

I hope you join me as I and my Blog grow and develop.


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