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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


[Continuing the theme of my Epic Fantasy, ‘The Daighacaer’ ('Day-gar-care'); Book I, Escape From Mount Vilipend]

[Pronunciations:  Weda'Sel - (as it's spelled); Urus (Oo roos); Tirǽche (Tir esh); Chanré (Shon ray)]

This really is a post about 'Nothing' but you might have to scan a little before you see why...

After leaving Mount Vilipend, the group of escapees travelled for months across ice and snow.  In the beginning deaths from exposure, hunger and simple exhaustion were occurring almost every day.  Weda'Sel, who  together with Urus the Druid, would stop at nothing to reduce the number of the deaths from exposure as he led the group in the treacherous conditions, obsessively checked everyone he saw many times each day for signs of hypothermia.  He and the healers taught others how to recognise the signs too. 

Just prior to this extract, Weda'Sel himself succumbed and was brought back to his tent.  Urus and Tirǽche took instruction from Chanré the healer who, because he had too many others to attend to, instructed them on how to look after Weda'Sel and closed them into the heated tent until his return the next day.  

"A blast of icy air erupted into the tent as Chanré left.  He had been as careful as he could, but he was a very large man and the warmth inside the tent, which had been so carefully built up, disappeared in an instant. The tent door closed.

After one shudder, it took Tirǽche no more than the slightest moment in time to start to undress so that she could clamber under the blankets on one side of Weda’Sel. 

Although he hadn’t been listening to Chanré, Urus too knew that their body heat was needed on either side of Weda’Sel if they were to save him.  He too started undressing at the same time as Tirǽche but, when he saw Tirǽche in her nakedness, he turned crimson and pulled a blanket around himself before he finished undressing; he then scrambled under the blankets on the mound in the middle of the tent. 

He reached his arms around Weda’Sel’s inert body to give him as much warmth as possible and almost, almost, pulled back as he felt his arm brush against that of Tirǽche.  It was only the light but firm touch of her fingers, which insistently held his arm in place, that kept him from moving away. 

Tirǽche and Urus lay quite still on either side of Weda’Sel; not saying anything; simply willing the warmth of their bodies into Weda’Sel.  Urus didn’t think there was much doubt that the heat from his body would seep into Weda’Sel; he felt as if he was burning up from thinking about Tirǽche lying naked under blankets with him, separated only by Weda’Sel’s body.  He wasn’t to know that Tirǽche was having similar thoughts about him and that she too was blushing.  For hours, the three lay in the same position.  Weda’Sel, icy cold and unmoving; Urus and Tirǽche, on either side of Weda’Sel, stunned and warmed by the discovery of their feelings, each also lying still and unmoving. 

After a long while Tirǽche and Urus fell asleep with their bodies close up against Weda’Sel and their arms across Weda’Sel.  Their arms were touching each other and neither wanted to move to relinquish that touch.  Magéma was still and didn’t respond to Urus’s gentle question of whether she was alright.  That worried Urus as well.

Sometime during the night Tirǽche and Urus awoke and found that their arms were intertwined.  Urus’s arm was wrapped all the way around both Weda’Sel and Tirǽche; and Tirǽche’s arm was lying over Weda’Sel.  Her hand was pressed against Urus’s chest. 

Neither moved for a long time."

So what has this got to do with my title for the day?  Nothing except that 'Nothing is a powerful as love'. 

Here's a little poem to finish off 'Nothing'


I used to wonder
What I need from you
Why it is that I love you

Then it struck me
I need nothing from you
Except that
You are
In everything
You are
In everything
You do

And for all that You are
I love


  1. This was a really nice post! I enjoyed reading your writing very much.


  2. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by, Gina.

  3. I liked your little moral at the end! That's a fine nothing. Have you considered putting your non-fiction asides in italics so readers can more easily differentiate them from the fiction?

    John at The Bathroom Monologues

  4. Very evocative story and I liked the poem too.

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    1. Thanks, Betty

      If I were I poet
      I'd thank you
      For visiting


  6. Hello, Fe! This is a terrific world and characters you've written. Great poem, too. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  7. Thanks, Laurel

    Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines
    I'm so enjoying this challenge. It's the first I've done and didn't realise how difficult it is to concentrate on writing a specific for 30 solid days. Ahh well. We're past the halfway mark and the point of no return.

    Happy A-Zing too

  8. You're right, nothing is as powerful as love. Lovely post thank you.

  9. Beautiful! I like how we both did Nothing....but very different. Thanks for joining the Show off Your Blog Party.

    Did you change the look of your blog? I want to say it looks different ~ if so....very nice! If not, sorry, I'm losing my mind. :(

    A Dose of Jules