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Friday, 12 April 2013

Karma (12 April)

[Continuing the theme of my Epic Fantasy, ‘The Daighacaer’ ("Day-gar-care"); Book I, Escape From Mount Vilipend]

I’m a Christian so a lot of people who know me will think it quite strange that I’ve devoted a post to ‘Karma’ – (apart from it being a good word for today’s letter ‘K’).  It’s precisely because I do understand the meaning of ‘Karma’ which equates exactly to the Biblical principle of reaping and sowing, that I have done so.  Galatians 6:7 immediately comes to mind.  “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Thinking about Karma and the Biblical connection, reminds me of something I mentioned in my earlier post for ‘E’.  “...  the more I delve into the intricacies of the plot of ‘Escape’ as I’ve written it so far, the more I realise that I also convey my life philosophies in the story...”  I keep finding interesting tidbits which reveal my beliefs and philosophies.  This is another of them.

Sometimes Karma takes its time to manifest while, at others, it’s frightening in its speed.  In this segment of ‘Escape from Mount Vilipend’, Caliginor, the protagonist for The Darke who, for aeon upon aeon had gleefully inflicted unspeakable torture on any mortal he desired to harm, comes face to face with the vengeance of The Lighte.  It’s quite an intense segment but it is pale in comparison with the abominations Caliginor committed in Mount Vilipend. 

It was only when the full force of the White Lightning of The Lighte entered his private sphere within Mount Vilipend that Caliginor finally became aware of the attack. 
Source: Unknown photographer
Caliginor looked up just in time to see the White Lightning of The Lighte streak towards him.  He lifted up his right arm to shield his eyes from the sight.  The White Lightning of The Lighte struck as Caliginor raised his arm and severed it at the shoulder, instantly crushing the shoulder joint to a fine, blood-stained powder.  Blood spurted from the wound and for the first time in his long existence, Caliginor experienced pain; mind-numbing, excruciating pain. 
Caliginor, who had proudly inflicted pain and suffering on so many for so many aeons, now registered shock and terror; not at the loss of his arm, he was used to various pieces of his flesh being torn; not at the blood spurting from his shoulder which he would gladly have drunk, much like an orshawm (an enormous feline-type creature probably similar-looking to a mutant sabre-toothed tiger) would lick at a blood-stained trap-blade until the trap-blade eventually severed its tongue without its knowing and the orshawm killed itself by drinking its own life-blood.  That which truly staggered Caliginor was the pain. 
The White Lightning of The Lighte attacked Caliginor where he was most vulnerable.  It entered his blood-stream and immediately caused the near-frozen blood to heat and churn.  The pressure caused Caliginor’s blood to tear throughout his body.
As the lightning-sentient and -heated blood coursed through Caliginor, it had one objective and one objective only; a painstakingly well-planned and unambiguous assault.  The lightning-blood poured through Caliginor veinous system until it came to a standstill just short of each of Caliginor’s nerve endings and there it waited.  When each nerve ending was completely enveloped, the lightning, starting at Caliginor’s toes, began its forcefully orchestrated attack symphony. 
Wave after wave of torture flushed through Caliginor as the heated lightning-blood exploded nerves throughout Caliginor’s body from his feet, up through his torso and arms and finally into his head and brain.  Caliginor’s body writhed and coiled as his nerves erupted in an unadulterated orgy of agony, spinning out of control as they tried desperately to reject the invader.”


  1. Never really thought about the Bible mentioning karma before...interesting.

  2. That's an intense scene.

    Swingin' by from A-Z!

  3. That's a dramatic moment in the story!

  4. Your my second KARMA of the day. I enjoyed your take on it very much! :)