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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Difficulty, Daighacaer, Darke and Darzim (4 April)

Here I am already on ‘D’ and I’m still having difficulty understanding or managing this A-Z process any better than when I started. I write all the time but that’s for my novel. I’m not comfortable in this person to person conversation which I’m now having through A-Z. I’ll get better in time I guess or, more accurately, I hope I will.

When I started writing my fantasy, I was amazed that I didn't seem to have to work very hard at all to manufacture personae for my characters; they developed their individual personalities all on their own. At one point my daughter asked me what was going to happen next in the story and I told her that it depended on what the characters wanted to happen. “Don’t be ridiculous, Mom” she said. “They’re your characters whom you make up in your head. You decide who, when, where and what.” I tried to explain that I am only the scribe in this story process and that the characters really do develop the story as they progress through it. She told me I was ‘cooked’. I wear that title as a badge of honour.

DAIGHACAER: When I was thinking about a name for the book series, the name ‘Daighacaer’ (Day-gar-care) kept coming to mind and the meaning which I have chosen for it followed naturally – Flaming Horse Master – weird, I know. I knew it was a difficult name but its persistent nagging won me over and I've come to love it during the many months I've been writing. The name Daighacaer is so very different yet, at the same time, it has a familiarity about it – almost Celtic but not quite…

DARKE: The Lighte versus The Darke; Good versus Evil; Cops versus Robbers – different and yet all the same theme – winners versus losers. Escape From Mount Vilipend – in fact the whole Daighacaer series – is no different. Who will triumph; how; when and what will they experience along the way? That is where the real story lies…

DARZIM: Evil is as evil does – the darzim (singular and plural) are immortal and amoral creatures of the Underdarke. In certain circumstances, darzim are granted privileges by The Darke in exchange for their immortality. Caliginor (see A-Z ‘C’) is one such creature. 

Darzim are wholly evil and have no redeeming characteristics.

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